Alternative Epsom Salt Bath

Many of us have benefited from an Epsom salt bath after some strenuous physical exertion.

I remember the many times soaking in the bath tub with Epsom salt after a long run. Those were my marathon days.

No doubt Epsom salt bath helps to relief sore muscles by reducing inflammatory from over exertion. In children with ADHD, it not only relaxes their muscles, but it relaxes their mind as well.

The Luxurious Bath

This is a good choice if you have the luxury of time. Simply fill a bath tub with few inches of hot water (of course no boiling hot) and add 2 cups of Epsom salt. You may also add 1 cup of baking soda to help soften skin. This is really nice if your child has eczema. And some lavender oil, if you like, for additional soothing effects. Soak for about 20 minutes.

You may read to your child during this time. Be sure to not leave little children unattended in the bath tub filled with water. I once made the mistake of letting my daughter stay in the tub by herself. She felt asleep in the tub. Luckily, there were only a few inches of water so she was fine. After that, I never let her stay in the tub by herself.

That’s one way to do an Epsom salt bath – the traditional way.

Besides, a full bath, you can also do a foot bath. Just add Epsom salt to a bucket of warm water enough to to cover the feet. Voila, and enjoy.

Quick and Simple Epsom Salt Bath Alternatives

Because time is an essence in my household, we don’t have the luxury of a 20-minute bath. So I improvised a solution. I make a topical solution with the salt that works wonderfully. It saves time, energy and water. Best of all, my daughter stops having funny smell when she sweats, or wakes up in the morning.

Simply dissolve about a 1 teaspoon of the salt with about 1 teaspoon of water enough to dissolve most of the salt. The measurement does not have to be exact. The idea is too get enough salt on the skin to be absorbed. You want to have enough salt and water to cover as least both legs and still leave a thin film of salt on the skin when dry. As the salt dissolves in the water, you'll notice the water thickens slightly. It's okay if not all the salt is dissolved. It just means that solution is saturated with Epsom salt.

Now you can apply this solution onto the skin with a make-up brush or cotton balls. I usually do this on my daughter’s legs at bedtime. It is best to do this at bedtime because the Epsom salt calms the nerves and makes your child sleepy. I have a parent who told me that the Epsom salt makes his son sleepy. This is because magnesium helps calm the ADHD brain.

By the way, I pulled my quad yesterday playing tennis. It was so bad I can barely walk. Before I went to sleep last night, I put some Epsom salt solution on my thigh then wrapped it in a heat pad. The pain was almost gone this morning. It’s amazing. I can play more tennis today.

What to expect?

If you use this topical solution, you will notice a thin layer of white salt on the skin as the water evaporates. The salt will continue to be absorbed as long as it stays in contact with the skin. You can leave that on, because the salt usually gets rubbed off during the night. The sulfate is thought to circulate in the body up to about nine hours.

Some children may become agitated after taking Epsom salt bath. This does not mean that the Epsom salt is not working. Obviously it is affecting the body. It may just mean that your child needs a bit more time to get used to it. I would suggest that you start with very small amount of Epsom salt, then slowly increase over several weeks.

People frequently have the misconception that toxins are being drawn out of the skin pores into the bath water. The truth is soaking in the Epsom salt bath, allows the body to absorb the magnesium and sulfate through the skin into the body’s detoxification system, making the liver more efficient in detoxifying toxins.



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